Monday, January 30, 2012

Replacing Adobe Acrobat with Workshare PDF

Workshare, a provider of document collaboration software, today announced that Gibbons P.C. is deploying Workshare PDF Professional to replace Adobe Acrobat across the organization. Workshare's PDF software makes it easy to create PDF files and interactive PDF forms, convert files to and from the PDF format and combine various documents, spreadsheets and presentations into one PDF file.
The firm, with offices in Newark, Manhattan, Trenton, Philadelphia and Wilmington, now has a cost-effective solution to create, convert and edit PDFs, as well as the ability to add rich content and streamline team collaboration. Workshare PDF Professional integrates with Autonomy Worksite and SharePoint 2010 allowing users to easily open, combine files into a PDF portfolio and save PDF files directly in the document repository.
The solution allows legal professionals to easily create ebriefs and PDF/A documents, prepare documents for court and electronic filings. It also includes the ability to redact PDF content so that it is no longer discernible and includes tools that allow users to search and redact multiple words, patterns and arbitrary masks such as zip codes or social security numbers. 

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